Wish List

Animal Enrichment Donations

    Old Boots
    Essential oils, colognes & perfumes (ones purchased but not liked), spices
    Blankets for primates
    Tupperware with lids
    Shavings/Mulch, such as cedar, cypress, pine
    Rope – in particular Nautical rope
    30″ safari balls (SanctuarySupplies.com)
    14” & 10″ jolly balls (SanctuarySupplies.com)
    Primate enrichment feeders (SanctuarySupplies.com)

Tools & Outdoor Equipment

    Gift Certificates – Tractor Supply, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.
    Rakes, leaf & metal
    Tools, such as pliers, drills, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.
    Working mechanical tools:
    Weed eaters
    Lawn mowers
    Golf carts
    Pressure washers – gas or electric
    Solar lighting
    Refrigerator/Box Freezers
    Picnic tables – any material
    Fencing – various sizes chain link (not bent or rusted)
    Wood – all sizes treated & untreated
    Non-kink hoses – 50′ & 100′

Daily Use Supplies

    Rubber gloves
    Cleaning Supplies
    Scrub Brushes
    Paper Towels
    Hand Soap
    5 gallon buckets
    Brooms – regular and push brooms
    Dish soap
    Laundry Detergent
    Fabric softener
    Shop towels & rags
    39 gallon Contractors Bags 1.2 ml (Tiger World uses 200 bags per week)