Carivore Feed Tour!

Thursday Night -
Carnivore Feeding Safari Tour

Have you ever wanted to see a Tiger or Lion eat? Follow our Animal Handlers around the park as they feed our Big Cats raw meat. You will be able to observe natural feeding behaviors of large carnivores as we feed out whole prey chicken, beef, and pork. All of their diet is especially prepared. It is an amazing sight to see and hear as the animals leap into the air to catch their food and crunch down through the bones like candy. 

Please consider the feeding can be graphic for young children.

The Carnivore Feeding Safari Tours are offered on select Thursday evenings at 7pm so please call ahead for reservations. The tour is $20 per person and lasts about 1 hour. Directly following the tour you will get a behind the scenes look at Tiger World and personal in-depth Keeper Talk. Carnivore tours may be resceduled due to inclement weather. Please call 704-279-6363 to reserve your spot.