Otters named!


Meet the newest members of the Tiger World family. Troy Thresher won our naming contest. The otters new names are Sarah and Hannah in honor of his friends who are twin sisters. They adore otters and revere all life big and small. Like otters, they believe life is best spent at play, seeking to bring joy to those around them, and to hold hands when they sleep so they won’t drift apart. These cute, adorable female Asian Small-Clawed otters are fun to watch. Here are a few fun facts: They are mostly found in Indonesia, southern China, southern India, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia. These otters live in family groups of about 12 individuals and congregate primarily along freshwater streams, rivers, and creeks as well as coastal regions, often near dense foliage. After a gestation of about 60 days, females give birth to a litter of up to six pups, usually one or two. These otters have webbed paws and great manual dexterity which allows them to grab a variety animals living near the water’s edge, including crabs, mussels, frogs, and snails. Small-clawed otters have a vocabulary of a dozen or more calls, including a distress call for when they’re in trouble and need help. Although these otters are not listed as endangered, they are seriously threatened by rapid habitat destruction, hunting, and pollution. Scientists consider them an indicator species—their population indicates the general health of their habitat and the health of other species in their habitat.

In order to give these adorable otters a proper home we need to build a habitat for them. Please help by donating. All donations go to the habitat! Use the PayPal link below for your donation.