Reciprocity Program


Reciprocal Zoos and Aquariums

These Zoos and Aquariums offer a discounted admission for Tiger World Annual Pass Holders. Additionally, Tiger World offers these facilities the same benefits.

Are you a zoo or aquarium that wants to participate in our reciprocity program?

We would love the opportunity to include your facility, in our reciprocity program and wish to extend the following discounts to your employees, members, and volunteers:


*Free admission to employees with either photo ID or business card or Copy of current pay stub or an e-mail from their supervisor.

*50% off general admission for members with a current member ID.

*50% off general admission for volunteers with photo ID or current member ID or an e-mail from their supervisor.


Since opening its doors in 2008, Tiger World Endangered Wildlife Preserve has drawn tens of thousands of world-wide visitors to encounter our 120 beautiful exotic creatures and learn about our mission of conservation and education of all threatened and endangered species. Our educational tours personally guide visitors throughout the preserve learning about each animal providing an individual hands-on experience. You will see the animals in a natural setting and have the opportunity to observe them running, playing, swimming, eating, sleeping, and interacting with their handlers. Our goal is to provide the best environment in captivity for the animals while also providing a stimulating learning environment for visitors. The intimate setting is a great place to bring the family and learn about these amazing animals up close and personally.


Thank you for considering participation in our reciprocal exchange program. 

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