Tiger World Rules

Tiger World Rules: Terms and Conditions for Entry

Tiger World Endangered Wildlife Preserve is an amazing place to get up close and personal with Endangered and Threatened Animals. To ensure your safety and the welfare of the animals please follow our facility rules and posted signs.

Children must be supervised. At all times while on the grounds, children must be accompanied by an adult.

No Running: For your safety, please walk and wear proper attire. The grounds are much like a wilderness hike with varying paths of gravel, grass, and dirt.

Barriers are for Safety:  No visitor shall go over, under, between or otherwise cross any guardrail, fence, wall or safety barrier. For the safety of the animals, Selfie sticks are not permitted. No visitor should sit on, stand on or hold children over barriers.

Respect the Animals: No visitor shall tease, throw or toss rocks, trash or other articles into exhibit areas.

No Pets: We are a quarantine facility, members of the public are prohibited from bringing any animal(s) onto the grounds. Please leave your pets at home. Pets should not be left in parked vehicles, as the temperature in your car can be dangerous. Service animals are not permitted. This is due to quarantine restrictions and safety risks to the animals and staff.

No Refunds or Rain Checks: We are open rain or shine. We are an outdoor facility, so please wear suitable clothes (and footwear) to walk around. Most animals don’t mind the rain, but on hot days, some animals may be less active as they look for shade. There will be no refunds or rain checks due to inclement weather or animals resting or sleeping.

No Smoking: To ensure the safety and health of visitors, staff, and animals, smoking is not permitted at Tiger World. However, there is a designated smoking area right outside the front entrance gate.

Food:  You are welcome to bring your own food, and make use of our Picnic area. Please note, that alcohol is not permitted. Only the provided Feed Cups that we sell in the gift shop can you toss food of any kind to the animals.

Don’t Litter: Please put all of your rubbish in bins and use the Recycling Bins when appropriate. Help us to reduce our waste and keep Tiger World clean.

No Weapons or Firearms are Permitted: If you witness someone in immediate danger, contact Tiger World staff immediately. DO NOT TAKE RISKS. Never attempt a rescue when dangerous animals are involved. Keep your eye on the person and call for assistance.